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slideshow-mapmakeR: R script for map based photo slideshows

Geotagging your memories

When I was a child, I was told that memories live forever through photography. I think this is deeply true.
At the same time, I love geotagging photos. Apart from the shot itself, I like to remember where and when the picture was taken, so that I can show the data with the photo I took.
Unfortunately, geotag has few uses online (if you are into photo sharing services, for instance), less uses offline (few photo management software have related features), and no uses for simpler devices, for instance digital photo frames.

Until today!


Some time ago, I realized that the technology needed to create a photo slideshow for geotagged photos, with a map of the geotagged position appearing before each photo, was already there. I started by doing some tests (see my previous post).
I decided to combine it in the R statistical programming software, and so the slideshow-mapmakeR script was born, available from today on GitHub.

The concept is quite easy. You put a bunch of geotagged photos (with EXIF data) in the input folder, and the script will create an ordered output folder, with a nice Google Maps image before each photo, showing the position of the shot. You can then use the resulting map images and photos in the output folder for a slideshow (be sure to display them in alphabetical order, so each map comes before the corresponding photo); they are just jpeg images, so it’s compatible with different operating systems, photo frames, and such.


Resulting map:

Original photo:


Download slideshow-mapmakeR here on GitHub.

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