Stefano Tripi Intelligent government.

Data projects

Work in progress - soon to be filled with exciting data projects!


  • Implementation of “Strategic PA” software in Oracle BI for strategic planning in local governments
    • Customized dashboards and reports for strategic planning and control
    • Digital project performance evaluation through custom complete dashboard and reporting solution for the evaluation unit
    • With Power BI: strategic word cloud
  • Outcome indicators reporting system
    • R script and markdown for generating .docx documents with time series plots and tables
    • (todo) interactive dashboard for monitoring
  • Plone minisite structure creation and deployment for the Strategic Planning Office, containing all the reports and data


  • Civl protection volunteer activity reporting system

  • Operating vehicles activity dashboard


  • slideshow-mapmakeR, A simple and quick R script to complete your geotagged photo slideshows; it creates nice maps showing where the photos were taken.

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