Stefano Tripi Intelligent government.

Data projects

I use, experiment and research on different programming languages for data science (R, Python), software for business intelligence dashboards and data visualization (Power BI, Tableau, Oracle BI), and GIS software (QGIS), both for work, volunteering, and personal/free time experiments and data analysis.
Here are some of my projects.


  • Implementation of “Strategic PA” software in Oracle BI for strategic planning in local governments
    • Customized dashboards and reports for strategic planning and control
    • Digital project performance evaluation through custom complete dashboard and reporting solution for the evaluation unit
    • With Power BI: strategic word cloud
  • Outcome indicators reporting system
    • Shared database with selected indicators for easy updating by municipal offices
    • R script and markdown for generating .docx reports with time series plots and tables
    • (todo) interactive dashboard for monitoring
  • Plone minisite structure creation and deployment for the Strategic Planning Office, containing all the reports and data
  • Complex public investment project (urban renovation) monitoring system
    • Shared monitoring forms for updating by different offices and organizations
    • Custom dashboard for management executives, fetching mixed data sources (spreadsheets, geodata, etc.)


  • Civl protection volunteer activity reporting system

  • Operating vehicles activity dashboard


  • This blog, with short articles, analysis and visualizations on different topics of interest.
  • slideshow-mapmakeR, A simple and quick R script to complete your geotagged photo slideshows; it creates nice maps showing where the photos were taken.

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